Maltese BTS armies go crazy when…

Hi there beautiful people! Welcome to Thatgirl4ever Blog! My name is Nicole and I'm a 16 year old; I hope you are all doing well! Recently from around 30th of Monday or around the start of August there have been rumors. These rumors got everyone texting in Malta going insane. THE RUMORS WERE TRUE On Monday … Continue reading Maltese BTS armies go crazy when…



Welcome I welcome you to my blog new readers for those who don’t know me, I am a teenager who dreams for the extreme. Today I will be talking about ME. Emotions As everyone knows it is difficult to literally not feel anything. ME being a teenager always try to go for the impossible and … Continue reading Different


Hi there, I have just uploaded this on my Facebook page: ThatGirl4ever Blog . Don't forget to check it out! That's all for today! Goodnight or have a lovely day and don't forget to keep up that smile . Don't let the haters bring a frown to your face because you don't deserve ut! Now where's that … Continue reading Quote