Welcome Hi there! If you are new , I'm Nicole and I'm a blogger as you can see. I've been really busy lately. The usually life of a teenager ; with all the exams of my last year  I'm pretty stressed out. These exams will determine which college I will go to next scholastic year … Continue reading THE BAD FEELING



Welcome I welcome you to my blog new readers for those who don’t know me, I am a teenager who dreams for the extreme. Today I will be talking about ME. Emotions As everyone knows it is difficult to literally not feel anything. ME being a teenager always try to go for the impossible and … Continue reading Different

Poem – Forever the same

Chatter is all they do, Including laughter of course. Are they mimicking me? Are they talking about me? I feel their eyes burning deep into my soul, Deeply searching for my deepest secrets yet to be discovered, After all this is life, I'll be forever a person stranded on an island.


Hi there, I have just uploaded this on my Facebook page: ThatGirl4ever Blog . Don't forget to check it out! That's all for today! Goodnight or have a lovely day and don't forget to keep up that smile . Don't let the haters bring a frown to your face because you don't deserve ut! Now where's that … Continue reading Quote 


LIEBSTER AWARD Thank you @Cicik for nominating me. I am so thankful and it has been a while since I was given an award. The following questions where asked to be answered by me. Let's have a look... Q1. Which is your favorite beach in Southeast of Asian?  I never went to Asia or anywhere else … Continue reading LIEBSTER AWARD