Waiting and Patience,

Two words, They mean a lot, Keep Calm. Breathe in and out, It helps, They say, Are you calm?


Man & Woman *Equality*

Hi there! So you must have heard of lack of equality or faced it. So both genders face this some say it's more that gender and Visa Versa... So, I am a woman and can only talk about that gender... because man have a stick doesn't mean they're boss. They want to be like the … Continue reading Man & Woman *Equality*


Hi there so here's a poem about life; No and Yes, That's all I say, About life, It's always the same. When there's a change It gives you hope, Then it changes again And your hopes are gone. So today went quite well and I managed to do some work and trying my best. I … Continue reading Today

Big Reveal

Hi there! If you didn't read my last blog then the hug reveal is that my name..... Is... Nicole Okay that's it such a simple and basic name! I would have prefer another name which is long and beautiful! Also yesterday I ate this packet full of sweets the same that are in the picture … Continue reading Big Reveal

So far…

Well so far this week I have been quite buisy and I am being very educational. As in reading more and revising the topics I did in the previous years. It is important to revise so you will be up to date also it is also a good thing to read about new things to … Continue reading So far…

Short Post

Don't ever give up! Keep on Dreaming! Don't let them bring you down! Raise your head! Man! Woman! I know you can do this! Fight always for freedom!!! -ThatGirl4ever

My Own Pics 

Hello there! Well I've got this brilliant idea that I take instagram photos and use instagram photos. Here are the pictures I have taken so far: Please leave a comment it would make me much happier. For now that's all! Keep on smiling and have a nice day! -ThatGirl4ever ​