Big Reveal

Hi there! If you didn't read my last blog then the hug reveal is that my name..... Is... Nicole Okay that's it such a simple and basic name! I would have prefer another name which is long and beautiful! Also yesterday I ate this packet full of sweets the same that are in the picture … Continue reading Big Reveal


What I do…

Hello there! So let me briefly tell you what I am doing right now! Like usually I ended up going with my family. I also received my annual results today and let's say I passed but not glad about my results...  In all I didn't get marks on 90's. Well I am going to try … Continue reading What I do…

So far…

Well so far this week I have been quite buisy and I am being very educational. As in reading more and revising the topics I did in the previous years. It is important to revise so you will be up to date also it is also a good thing to read about new things to … Continue reading So far…

Short Post

Don't ever give up! Keep on Dreaming! Don't let them bring you down! Raise your head! Man! Woman! I know you can do this! Fight always for freedom!!! -ThatGirl4ever

Summer Break

I am back for summer!!! Yeah!!! So ideas to do for summer: Start writing a novel/poems/book covers and for more ideas go check Wattpad Do an activity (sports) Exercise at home Invent crafts for ideas check out Pinterest Go swimming Go out with friends Get in clubs/groups with other people Get a job (+16) Start a … Continue reading Summer Break


This is something new I am going to try a daily prompt. Let's see how it goes... The lion King roars loudly as he runs in the forest, the twigs twitching under the impact of his force with no care as he continues his search. He comes by a whining lion cub, he walks to … Continue reading Champion

How ya be?

Okay! Well let's start this post! First of all I am okay and happy! Smiling 🙂  thanks for the support! Now I would like for all does people out there to comment down below how you are doing? OR   Comment what can I help you with! I am feeling to help people so feel … Continue reading How ya be?