Quote – School

Hi there, New scholastic year - New experiences ...and experiences bring out the best of us... -ThatGirl4ever


Doublefaced or not?

Hi there, Again hello and welcome new followers and thank you everyone for the spams. What I will be talking about today is about how I act around different people and how this happens. All this will be explained soon but firstly I would like to say the following things: Firstly is that I am... Continue Reading →

Thinking of the future!

Hi there,  Right now I am at privat lessons and waiting for the actual lesson to start while the teacher is giving everyone's homework... I got 9/10 which is good considering it's physics! Back to today's topic it's about that I have been recently thinking about what I would do in the future. My thoughts... Continue Reading →

Quote with a story

Hi there, I hope you all doing fine and having the best of your life! I would like to say welcome new followers and bloggers it is always nice to meet new people. Now for today I tried doing a DIY but didn't turn out how I wanted it and probably because I had a... Continue Reading →

2nd Liebster Award

Hi there, First of all I would like to thank so much this amazing person: notanothersociallyorchid for nominating me for the award to discover new blog! All of you who is reading this make sure to check out the amazing blog. Every time I receive an award it makes me so happy that I start jumping... Continue Reading →

~ Quote ~

Hi there! So for today's blog I would like the share this double meaning quote which I did when I was waiting for my private lessons which I was an hour early for. For starters I would like to say that I  had a great day and can't argue with what I had in store... Continue Reading →

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