Via Daily Prompt: Unravel the word unravel to me got me thinking and I cam up with this: "I am going to unravel the meaning of life for me." (unravel in this sentence is referring when trying to work/sort out something) -ThatGirl4ever


Okay now this is a very good quote (look at image above). I found it somewhere on Pinterest.com . I know that sometimes it is a gloomy day and all sad, frustrated you mention it. But what will you get by letting others get to you by showing them that they are affecting you. Stop... Continue Reading →


The most thing that gets to me is anger. Everyday I battle myself not to self harm and not let my anger to far. I prefer letting it all out by expressing it into my painting, or end up self harm as in punching a wall. I know. I know. A girl punching isn't what... Continue Reading →

I believe…

I believe that everyone has their own different minds and believes and think of things differently. So, there is no point in arguing but it is good to say our opinions. -ThatGirl4ever

Simply STUPID!

So TODAY I also had an appointment and when I went there and started choosing glasses at the end I was between two. I couldn't choose like I can't choose between nutella and kinder.  So what did I do I started laughing because I didn't know what to choose but at the end I choose... Continue Reading →


This blog is about my life...   Today in the morning I was tired and got into the bus find a corner and rested not talking to anyone being in a bitchy mood in the morning. (It's normal for me a.k.a not a morning person). At school I ended up talking with my ex-bestfriends well... Continue Reading →

I walked in my class wearing a smile but it soon faded away when my teacher told me to see her after class. After the one hour lecture mostly  which I was too worried of what I have done then actually paying attention. I wait for everyone to leave the classroom and walk up to Miss.... Continue Reading →


Hello there... "What should I right about?" asks the teacher. "Oh I know. Pick me please." I say whining. "Yes Mrs. N/A!" "BOOKS!" Do you love reading? I do. Do you feel yourself in another world? I do. Do you smile, cry, laugh while reading a book? I do. So what kind of book do... Continue Reading →


This is something new I am going to try a daily prompt. Let's see how it goes... The lion King roars loudly as he runs in the forest, the twigs twitching under the impact of his force with no care as he continues his search. He comes by a whining lion cub, he walks to... Continue Reading →


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