Late New Year’s Resolutions :)

Hi there, Well first of all Happy Late New Year. Another year has passed and a new one awaits for us. Lets' see what we will invent far more than the 'swiggly' eyebrows. That was a bit of a fail in my opinion and not to forget the invisible box challenge on musically. In this … Continue reading Late New Year’s Resolutions 🙂


Drowning deeply in my world

Hi there, I hope you had an amazing day today. I finally found the time to blog. So,  recently I have been having inner fights with my self about the actions I take. There is something about humans that makes me want to understand why they act the way they do. An example to understand … Continue reading Drowning deeply in my world

Poem – Forever the same

Chatter is all they do, Including laughter of course. Are they mimicking me? Are they talking about me? I feel their eyes burning deep into my soul, Deeply searching for my deepest secrets yet to be discovered, After all this is life, I'll be forever a person stranded on an island.

Living @Malta

Hi there, Yes, this is an early post being posted during mid-week. There have been some things that can't be just left in my mind without having to share my opinion. (Note: Everyone opinion is important even if it doesn't apply to you). As most of you know I'm still a student and still being … Continue reading Living @Malta