BOOMBAYAH !!! – It’s a good day!

Hi there, Yup! I'm back and I have some great news apart from reaching 0.5K on Instagram (thanks to everyone who followed me);  I am in love with K-pop especially with two bands: Black Pink and BTS (Bangtang Boys) . Also back to more good news, is that I am feeling surprisingly very happy so … Continue reading BOOMBAYAH !!! – It’s a good day!


Late New Year’s Resolutions :)

Hi there, Well first of all Happy Late New Year. Another year has passed and a new one awaits for us. Lets' see what we will invent far more than the 'swiggly' eyebrows. That was a bit of a fail in my opinion and not to forget the invisible box challenge on musically. In this … Continue reading Late New Year’s Resolutions 🙂