BOOMBAYAH !!! – It’s a good day!

Hi there, Yup! I'm back and I have some great news apart from reaching 0.5K on Instagram (thanks to everyone who followed me);  I am in love with K-pop especially with two bands: Black Pink and BTS (Bangtang Boys) . Also back to more good news, is that I am feeling surprisingly very happy so... Continue Reading →


Living @Malta

Hi there, Yes, this is an early post being posted during mid-week. There have been some things that can't be just left in my mind without having to share my opinion. (Note: Everyone opinion is important even if it doesn't apply to you). As most of you know I'm still a student and still being... Continue Reading →


Hello there... "What should I right about?" asks the teacher. "Oh I know. Pick me please." I say whining. "Yes Mrs. N/A!" "BOOKS!" Do you love reading? I do. Do you feel yourself in another world? I do. Do you smile, cry, laugh while reading a book? I do. So what kind of book do... Continue Reading →


I think this is the last post of the day. Do any of you have a wattpad account? If yes comment down below and I will follow you. (For now I have no books published but I am working on one!) My wattpad account username: ThatGirl4ever

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