It is…after all!

Hi there, Greetings fellow reader. I hope you have been having a wonderful week. I have been very busy nothing different. For this weekend I had sixteen homework to finish I have five left. It's been a progress that I finished from Friday after school till today after noon. I will be having a Maltese(a … Continue reading It is…after all!


Thinking of the future!

Hi there, Right now I am at privat lessons and waiting for the actual lesson to start while the teacher is giving everyone's homework... I got 9/10 which is good considering it's physics! Back to today's topic it's about that I have been recently thinking about what I would do in the future. My thoughts … Continue reading Thinking of the future!

~ Quote ~

Hi there! So for today's blog I would like the share this double meaning quote which I did when I was waiting for my private lessons which I was an hour early for. For starters I would like to say that I  had a great day and can't argue with what I had in store … Continue reading ~ Quote ~

Short Post

Don't ever give up! Keep on Dreaming! Don't let them bring you down! Raise your head! Man! Woman! I know you can do this! Fight always for freedom!!! -ThatGirl4ever


No it's not the fry when you fry the chips (potato) or fry another food. What does fry mean to me? Well this is evil but this is what I think: Imagine someone you hate with all your guts. And BOOM there's a giant saucepan and oil and it's under the fire in front on … Continue reading Fry


Have someone ever pushed you with such force it feels like you are being Jolted. Like being bullied and it was made on purpose. That's Jolt for me. OR It can be referred to that spark electricity makes. OR When I touched him I felt the sparks and was jolted to him and I felt it … Continue reading Jolt


Every day I struggle with my life and ever step I take/choice makes me feel climbing a mountain. Trying my best to climb it all when I am so close there comes the struggle, problems and disturbed by something. Then the wind pass by and I fall back down meters away from the top.  That's … Continue reading Climbing