My dog on the run!

Hi there, So just to let you know right now I am at school and this is a schedule post so I will keep up my blogging life. I would like to tell you a story not a tale but a real one that happened yesterday. The Story of my dog During nine o'clock my … Continue reading My dog on the run!


Review of The Conjuring (2013)

Hi there, Yesterday I watched both The Conjuring and I have decided to write a review! Review on The Conjuring Two paranormal investigators go to people's houses and find a solution to their problems. At every case there's a material object and Ed one of the investigator collects these cursed objects in a room. His … Continue reading Review of The Conjuring (2013)

Simply STUPID!

So TODAY I also had an appointment and when I went there and started choosing glasses at the end I was between two. I couldn't choose like I can't choose between nutella and kinder.  So what did I do I started laughing because I didn't know what to choose but at the end I choose … Continue reading Simply STUPID!