This week

So during this week I have been so unfortunate. The reasons are: Loads of homework I have a bandage around my arm I fell and my knee hurts. More about the arm well at first I tought it was due to my heavy bag that I hold on my arm. Then I remember me doing … Continue reading This week



A very quick post what happened today! I had become head prefect of the class. My enemy is the sub prefect. Loads of hw. Went out!!! The negative and positive are both balanced. But I take today as a good one. Now I am really tired. So gn and have a nice dream filled with … Continue reading Today


What do you do when you hear laughter? Is it about me? Why is school so stressing? What I do is IGNORE!!!! And yes school is stressing and tiring. Getting back to school- After break we had P.E (Physical Education). Let's put it this way I hate it. My class decided to play proisoners. A … Continue reading Headache