Pool Hairstyles

Hi there! Well as the title indicates today I will be telling you what are the best hairstyle to do for swimming in a pool. Firstly thank you all for the new followers. Secondly is that the best hairstyle would be tied up and not held down to prevent knots and (burnt/dried) ends. Now some... Continue Reading →


This week

So during this week I have been so unfortunate. The reasons are: Loads of homework I have a bandage around my arm I fell and my knee hurts. More about the arm well at first I tought it was due to my heavy bag that I hold on my arm. Then I remember me doing... Continue Reading →


What to do while you are on a bus in traffic: Read Watch a movie/tv series Do homework ūüė≥ Study for any test Write (I did this in fact and dropped down notes about my book that I hope will be soon published on wattpad. I am still thinking about it.) Sleep Talk with someone... Continue Reading →


It has only been the second week of school and there is already DRAMA! Involving the popular group here is what is going on. Boyfriend breakup drama Friends drama about trust issues Secret issues that aren't spoken about. For now that's all I know and who knows what can be the next drama.  Don't get... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone I got nominated! Here we go : 1.What motivate you to blog? The other bloggers and my life problems. 2.If you could have any super power what would it be? My power would be super strength. 3. Favourite topic to blog about? Teenagers!!! 4. What is your favourite book/movie franchise? Favorite books are... Continue Reading →


A very quick post what happened today! I had become head prefect of the class. My enemy is the sub prefect. Loads of hw. Went out!!! The negative and positive are both balanced. But I take today as a good one. Now I am really tired. So gn and have a nice dream filled with... Continue Reading →

Curly Hair

This is for those who has curly hair. I was looking through social media and came across to this. (My hair is straight if you're asking) I hope this is helpful:

24th September 

I woke up early today maybe having a sleepover makes you more excited. So I started packing some stuff for the sleepover. What you need for a sleepover: Money (for pizza duh) Phone + Wifi Food (Snacks) If you have favorite pillow and bed cover you can't sleep without. Hairbrush Board Game Pyjamas I think... Continue Reading →

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