Another Change in my Roller Coaster of a life!

Dear N/A, I would like to write on this digital note how my life have been and how change in people can really happen. A week ago as some of you may know, I started school like other students. I have been doing well and all those negative vibes I had last year I threw … Continue reading Another Change in my Roller Coaster of a life!


Thinking of the future!

Hi there, Right now I am at privat lessons and waiting for the actual lesson to start while the teacher is giving everyone's homework... I got 9/10 which is good considering it's physics! Back to today's topic it's about that I have been recently thinking about what I would do in the future. My thoughts … Continue reading Thinking of the future!

The Walk-Run

She started walking slowly away from her home, with every step she took her pace quickened. Now she was running, she was running from her home to meet someone. That someone is the love of her life. They meet up and before they leave they say; "May we meet again" (from the tv series The … Continue reading The Walk-Run


What to do while you are on a bus in traffic: Read Watch a movie/tv series Do homework 😳 Study for any test Write (I did this in fact and dropped down notes about my book that I hope will be soon published on wattpad. I am still thinking about it.) Sleep Talk with someone … Continue reading Traffic


I think this is the last post of the day. Do any of you have a wattpad account? If yes comment down below and I will follow you. (For now I have no books published but I am working on one!) My wattpad account username: ThatGirl4ever